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It is amazing to see the changes in these pups!  Thank you to all my clients for keeping me updated!  I am so pleased you are enjoying your little ones!  Karen :)

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"Hi Karen,


I love your site. I check it nearly as religiously as I do my email :) ...


Warmest regards,


Sean H."

















































































































































































"I have been enjoying your website for 2 or 3 years,  Thank you

 for the information and pictures you provide.  I am interested

in a maltipoo...


Martha K.

Tallahassee, Fl"




















Shih-Pom Mix - Ruby!



About two years ago I bought a very precious pup from you!  She's a shih-Pom mix. Her name is Ruby and she is the greatest fur baby I could ever have.  I never got to send updated photos to you!  So I wanted to share a few!









Hi I just wanted to give you a update on a maltipoo we bought Jun 2014.  We named our little guy Brutus and he has been such a great puppy. Brutus is almost 5 months old and he is such a smart dog. He even has a trainer and she said the sky is the limit with him. He is a little over 4 pounds and he has so much energy. He loves running with his dad and taking long walks with me. He is my baby and where ever we go he has an instant fan base. We adore him and want to say thank you for providing us with such a healthy and beautiful boy. I have attached a few pictures.


Alex C.





Tiny Toy Pomeranian - Mr. Toffee Man!





Updated pictures of Mr. Toffee Man in his new home!
"My mom purchased this wonderful pom this spring. He is such a sweet, loving dog! He gets along great and plays with all the animals here. He is such fun to watch play with my grand baby.... can't wait to get one of my own!!...

Thanks again for bringing joy to my mom.




Toy Pomeranian - Harmini!





Updated pictures of Harmini in her new home!


"She is adjusting really well. ..she is into everything.. and she harrasses Hannah and Hailey......and Seminole our white Shepherd to death. ....

Hannah has come around more than Hailey. ...I guess because Harmini is so rambunctious.  And she has jumped on Hailey (just playing ) several times and She doesn't like that. .. naturally toys and stuffed toys are all over the place. ..

We just love her. ...


Debbie H.

Panama City, FL"




We wish you joy and happiness for this Christmas season. .to you and your family. 
We have enjoyed Harmini so much. She is so rambunctious and into everything. I made them some  little Christmas wraps. They are going to be in the parade this saturday... downtown Harrison. ... they will look so cute. .
Have a great Christmas


Hello Karen

Just wanted to share how beautiful Harmini head become. . We are 8 months old now. .. And just to let you know... She is really gonna have a beautiful coat


Get Karen
Just thought I would share this pic.... it was our {Harmini] and  my other girls annual checkup and shots...I just love this pic... There each had a chair and waited so patiently... My vet said Harmini was a fine specimen... Said she had a  beautiful coat.... (Like she was telling me something). Haha 





Morkie (Maltese/Yorkshire Terrier cross) - Charlie!



Updated picture of Charlie in his new home!





Just wanted to give you an update on how Charlie is doing and attach a few pictures.  He's honestly the cutest puppy we've seen.  We took him to get to the vet for his check up and they took him to around the place just to show all the other workers.  Our other puppy Max loves playing with him.  He was establishing dominance at first with Charlie.  Now Charlie holds his own.  He sleeps both in his kennel and on the bed with us from time to time.  He has a tendency to want to sleep on our heads!  His running is probably the funniest thing, because he bounces like a rabbit.  


Thank you so much for you time and effort.  I will definitely recommend you if I know anybody who is looking for a new puppy.  I attached a few pictures of Charlie.




Brandon P., Lynn Haven, FL.




Hi Karen!

Just giving you an update on Charlie. He and Max are inseparable.  They play fight all day long and pass out together.  We ended up not letting them sleep in the same kennel, instead they both sleep in the bed with us.  He likes to get in between both of us and cuddle up on us.  I attached a couple of pictures of him. 


Brandon and Rae



Boston Terrier pup "Teddy" with our Max.




Boston Terrier - Theodore "Teddy" in his new home!


"Karen, this is Theodore, Teddy to us.  Here are some pics of him and his sisters, Lizzy and Chloe, the two legged.  He is really growing and becoming a much loved member of our family.  Thanks for getting him to us.


Mike, GA."








Sammie - Malte-Poo!


I almost can't believe I forgot his picture. Sammie with his first big boy haircut. I love this little guy! Thank you to The Best Breeder EVER!


Hi Karen!


At least a couple dozen times I thought to email you to let you know how Sammie was doing and something always mis-directed my intentions.  But over the past week you have really been on my mind.  Like the Lord just wanted me to reach out to you to let you know Sammie is thriving.  He is a joy, a silly/comical/willful/healthy joy J  He’s almost 8 months old now and I can’t remember life without him.  He has been neutered and fully vaccinated (loves to go to the Vet,) he has been to Obedience Training – that was more for me.  I needed to know how to handle a dog.  He was AWESOME and almost always he was at the top of his class.  He did great with housetraining, then he did poorly, then he just seemed to figure it out.  Now sits by the door and will pierce you with his eyes when he needs to go out.  Oh and Karen, he is fearless.  Just FEARLESS!  Climbs on everything, jumps, runs, plays happily with cats and dogs of any size.  (he apparently, has no clue that he weighs less than 8 lbs!)  The only thing that intimidates him is being outside on his own.  He’s all macho in the house, but going outside solo is a no-go.  He’ll sit on the door mat with his back to the yard, staring at anyone that walks bye begging to come back in.  I don’t mind that a bit, making 100’s of trips outside J (I really don’t.) 


He goes to be at about 8pm every night.  Literally, he positions himself on the floor with his nose pointing to the bedroom that lets us know, he is ready to go to his “apartment.”  That’s what we call his crate. And he’s not a big morning person.  We are up at4:30am; he lounges around till about 6:30am then he wants out and wants into everything.  During the day, because I work from home, he is in and out of his play yard (more out than in.) and he seems to enjoy that almost as much as full run of the house.  He goes with us for long and short rides – good heavens he loves a trip!  Being so cute has often netted him free food at the drive through.  My grandson is in love with Sammie and Sebastien loves to say “I’m his part owner.”  I think a pet is so good for children.  Sebastien even attended Obedience Classes with Sammie and I.


Well, Karen…I just wanted you to know I love him.  He is everything and more than I ever hoped for.  I’m blessed to have met you and you’ve enriched our lives tremendously.  I hope that all is well with you.  I just felt an overwhelming direction to reach out to you and touch base.


I look forward to hearing from you Karen :)


Debra B.

Panama City Beach, FL

Pomeranian - "Heidi"


Hi I have been wanting to send you pics of my little girl Heidie she will be 3 years old July 15 I think shies such a joy to me


Janie L.

Hi Karen.  My name is Angie V., and we purchased Foxy(birthdate1/22/08) and Bear(birthdate 8/18/09) from you. We love them both very much.  I wanted to know if you are going to have any Pomeranian puppies soon.  We have a dear friend who loves ours, dogsits for us, and she is interested.  

Also, I wanted to inform you that our little boy, Bear, had some bad issues with Bladder stones.  This has required three surgeries.  I don't know if you have had any others that had this problem, but I wanted you to know.

Finally, I see that you have some pictures posted of puppies past.  Here are ours.

Toy Pomeranian - "Bear"!


"As promised here is Bear on his 1st birthday! I just love this little man"

Karen, I wanted to send you a pic of the Boston that you sold to us last September. The boys named him Optimus Prime & he has been such an awesome addition to our family!

Thanks so much!-Lavetra S.

Boston Terrier - "Emmitt"

Just wanted to let you know that Emmitt is fitting in well with our family. The kids love him and he loves them! He had filled a void in our home and our hearts. Thanks again for bumping us up the list! He loves being outside. We recently took him to the lake house and he had a busy day of swimming! Health wise he is perfect. Tell his mom hello! Have a great day!
Melissa B.

Lily is 1 today!  Here is a picture of our girl.  She is so precious and we all love her so much.  We each have our own relationship with her, I am the mom and the snugly one, my husband is her man she always shows off for him, the oldest is her best friend playing with her, spoiling her, my son is the one who is calm and she likes to just hang out with him, and the youngest is the little sister always pestering her, carrying her around like a baby, but Lily is so good about just going with the flow.  She is a little nature dog too, chasing squirrels, eating tomatoes out of the garden, digging holes!  She likes nighttime best when she can get up on the bed with us and relax!  She is potty trained and crate trained and has traveled with us on long trips.  Thank you for giving us such a precious member to add to our family!



Have a blessed day!

Shih-Pom Pup "Maximilian!"

Hey Karen!!

Just want you to know that Maximilian (Max) is doing wonderful with my family! He is a mischievous boy but is also so smart. He was using the pads from day one and has had hardly any accidents! We love this little guy and his wet kisses let's us know he loves us right back! Thanks again for giving me the opportunity to add this little guy to our family and our hearts.


Sincerely, Tracy J, Panama City, FL

Hi Karen!We love our Bostons! Pictures are attached. Tootsie is the larger one with the white front leg. Cookie, the smaller - mainly all black. One photo of our Boxer, Bella, using Tootsie as a pillow. No problems with either - except they eat like horses - already on weight maintenance. Our bed is now "their" bed and we are just guest. They travel excellent and called the "Three Amigos".Thank you for selling us your wonderful dogs............    


Debbe and Bob M.Pensacola Fl

Boston Terrier - Steve!

I just want to thank you once again for all that you do!! Steve has been an amazing addition to our family!! He is a happy growing pup and Panda loves him already!!! Lol Steve is going to give Panda a run for his money!;) Steve has no fear what so ever and is already trying to take claim of Panda's toys!!

The Mohr Family
Here is a video and some pics! 

Teacup Pomeranian - Harley D!


I just wanted to let you kow that I am so very happy to have purchased Harley D from you last January.  Needless to say, she lives up to her name (the vet has to put a muzzle on her when she goes to see him).  Harley loves to swim and I have a hard time keeping her out of the swimming pool and my bathtub.  Thank you again for this little dickens. 


Cheryl S., Harley's mom

Tiny Toy Pomeranian (on left) - Sophie! 

Updated pictures of Sophie in her new home!


"Hi Karen,

I purchased Sophie from you before Christmas for my daughter, Katelynn.  I just wanted to share some pictures of her growing up.  These two girls are inseparable, they are best friends.  They fight, they snuggle, Sophie gets into mischief and Katelynn scolds her.  She is such a smart sweetie, and is totally spoiled!  We love her dearly.  Thanks so much.

J. Burns"

Pomeranian - Sophie!

"Hey Karen!

I bought my baby Pomeranian from you about a year ago, we met in pdl. I don't know if you remember but my mom was the one who has cancer an was currently, at the timer that we got our puppy, out at Texas receiving radiation. We brought the puppy to her an surprised her with our lil twinkles. In some ways I believe that our puppy saved her life it gave her something to focus on besides her sickness an brought her out of a lot of depression. She is our little miracle dog. My mom Decided to name her twinkle an we call her twinkle berry, she is amazing and I wanted to thank you so much for her and everything you do! It was truly a miracle, we had been looking for one for years an just at the right time God put you in our path and it saved my mom, so thank you so much! May God bless you an your puppies :)

Thank you, Shalyn B. ")"

Updated picture of Sophie in her new home!


"Hi, this is Lashaun, Sophie is doing great, she has on more shot to get.  They like to give 4 to make sure they stay healthy.  I seen your other puppies, I would love to have another one to keep her company.  She has a wonderful personality.


Lashaun, N.C."


Pomeranian in his new home!


"Thank you so much Mrs. Karen! My kids love the little guy. At first he was shy and scared and now he's warming up to us. He like his little bed but i think he loves the twin bed on the floor. He is so precious, thank you again!


Thuy, Panama City, FL."

"...Yes ma'am that would be wonderful.  We got one from you before and we were just looking to add another female addition.  This Missy.   We got her from you about 3 years ago and completely adore her.

Pomeranian - Koda (top pup)!

Boston Terrier Pup - Chispa!

Updated picture of Chispa in her new home!



"Hi Karen, am sending a couple pictures. The pup is wonderful, and everyone loves her. She really is a great dog. Thanks.


Cheryll & Ron, Fleming Island, FL"

Updated picture of Chispa


Karen, attached a picture of Chispa, who is now 9 months, and she is great.  Great, great love of our life, and our friend.

Hi Karen, thought I would send a picture Chispa's Halloween outfit. She is just a great dog, a truly a Boston Bull. Thanks for getting us together.

Updated picture of Koda!


"Hi!  It's Stacey H. and I just wanted you to know that Koda has been neutered and is doing really well!  He is currently in his puppy uglies stage but he is still So Cute!  Definitely wearing it well :)

Here is a picture of him sleeping it off in his little cone of shame -- he looks like a little fox!! Yes, we just love him so much.  Actually thinking of getting him a friend (if I think back I should have probably taken his litter brother!) anyway, when we are ready we will be contacting you!!  Thank you again!  He is my sweet man.


Much love to you from the whole family!!"

Boston Terrier - Chispa!


Hi Karen,
Just wanted to give you a couple of our beloved Chispa,  Boston Bull, that we got a couple years ago. Just wanted to tell you THANK SO MUCH.
Ron Ehret

Updated picture of Koda!


So it's been a little over two years since we brought home our amazing Baby Bear! I am still amazed each day that this sweet little girl is mine! She continues to fill our home with joy and laughter! We laugh because she does some of the funniest things. She has bonded with my father and brings him such joy and is a great companion! She is spoiled beyond reason, but we feel she deserves every bit of it! I love coming home to my bouncing Pom Pom greeting me at the door! She is a great entertainer as well! She loves to play fetch and she even likes to play hide and seek under the couch and bed! She's also is a big fan of napping with whom ever is on the couch or recliner. She enjoys walks outside and takes every opportunity to sniff everything she can! I can not express to you again, how thankful I am you came into our life. I can not express to you how thankful I am for our sweet little Baby Bear! I recently went to a local pet shop to pick up some turtle food, another pet we have :), and they happened to have some Pom puppies in. I was not shocked to see that the quality of their pups was far from anything you offer. Baby bear is simply my perfect little Pom Pom!! I have found some friends through facebook that are fellow Pom lovers, and we just love to comment and share on our sweet little poms! Again Karen, I can't thank you enough!


Megan-Rhea L.

Dothan Alabama

My little boo will be a year old tomorrow! I love him so much, and we owe it all to you! (: Just wanted to say he's doing spectacularly and thank you, again!

Much Love,
Koda and Stacey

(Pic: Koda and his new bed)

Hello sweet friend. 
How are you? I hope all is well...
I'm sorry I've been MIA lately. It's been a rough few months at work. Yuck. But, my little cream sable (I named him Bogie) is doing great. Koda gets along with him well, learning to share bones and toys! He only weighs 2.9 pounds (Oct 7th will be 20 weeks old) so he's still tiny! He is healthy, eats like a champ, and is very smart! Everyone who meets him wants photos and cuddles :) I send them all to your website!

Hugs, love and miss you!

Stacey, Koda and Bogie

Toy Pomeranian (left) - Sophie!


"Hi! I bought the little Choc/Black pomeranian from you over a month ago. Ron and Linda D. from Tallahassee - we met you at McDonalds in Blountstown.  I was disappointed when you took her picture off your website because I was going to post a comment about her. She is still a little slow about learning her "potty" lessons but she is slowly getting better and we just love her to death. She is the craziest little dog we have ever seen. My Mini Schnauzer passed away last week - so now Sophie is our only dog. We will eventually get another dog of some kind but we want to wait until she is a little older.  She is so sweet and loves to kiss you. She can run like a race horse. you should see her when she gets in the back yard - seems like she can run 90mph! She sleeps great - since the 1st night we got her she sleeps all night in her crate and never makes a sound. I have had a couple of people ask me where we got her and i gave them your website.


Can you refresh my memory and tell me how big her parents are and how big you think she will get.  When do they usually get their fullest coat? Her coat seems to be shorter than most poms i have seen but that is less hair to clean up - and it doesn't really bother us. She doesn't look like she will turn chocolate - she almost looks "merle". she has chocolate and black on her body and her face is just black. again, we have really enjoyed her and she is just a hyper little nut. my older sons are crazy about her too - they were both over that our house one night and we all laughed at her so hard - it was like she was showing off. my daughter that lives in Atlanta has yet to see her but keeps asking for pictures. she has one of our mini schnauzer puppies and we can't wait for them to meet.


It has been raining here almost every day for a month so i can't wait to take some good pictures of her.  Thanks again and hope to keep in touch.! "

Pomeranian - Mia Bella!

Mia Bella - updated (03/06/13)!




I got my Pomeranian on 2/04 at the Hardee's in Cottondale. 

Her name is Mia Bella.  She is definitely my baby and very



...I look forward to going home to my smiling baby girl.


Diana P. 


Mia Bella - updated!

I took MiaBella on a trip to Michigan in July.  She did very well for such a long drive.  I think that she became even more attached to me than before.
Diana P
Dothan, AL

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