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Yorkie-Poo - Scout!

"Hi Karen,

I bought a yorkie poo from you last year in Sept. I have a friend who is interested in purchasing a similar dog. Will any be available this year?

By the way, we named him Scout and he is wonderful. Thank you.


Westie - Chloe!



"Hi Karen,

I want to update you on Chloe - she is doing great! Taking the soiled pads outside really did the trick! She has not pooped in her crate at night for three nights now. She is going outside to poop and almost everytime to pee. She has had a few accidents on peeing inside, which is partly my fault but she is doing very well. Everyday just gets better and her ears stood up Saturday. She's so fun to watch! Thank you again for letting me purchase her from you.

Lounette J.

Vernon, FL"

Shih-Tzu - Muffy!

Updated Pictures of Muffy!

"Hello, Just wanted to celebrate our little girls 1st birthday, that we adopted from you last Feb. in the Toys R Us parking lot in Panama City. She is adorable and we love her so much. Her name is Muffin, Muffy for short, she was born on Dec. 2, 2008 She is all tomboy tho. She loves to play in the mud and water. Brings sticks, rocks, you name it from the yard. She loves vegetables and cheese. Thanks so much for making this possible. 

Happy Holidays. 
Patsy F. Navarre, FL."

Westie - Scrappy!

Updated picture of Scrappy!


"I just wanted to thank you again from the bottom of my heart for Scrappy, my new Westie!!!! He has stolen my heart and in only a week become a permanent part of the family! Not to mention, he has lifted my mothers spirits in no way that a human ever could. I am realizing that he is a lot smarter than I gave him credit for in the beginning. For example, he knows exactly where I store his food and treats!! Anyway, he's brought joy to me and my mother, and I'm so glad I got him from someone who obviously cares about her animals and who they have a family with!

Bridget B.

Ft. Walton Beach, FL"

Toy Pomeranian

"We love our new pom puppy!! Buying from you was such an enjoyable and easy experience. You always answered our emails promptly, kept us updated with weekly pictures, and were flexible enough to meet us halfway when picking up the newest member of our family. We would definitely buy from Angel Line Kennels again!! Thank you!!

Tim and Ryan W.

Milton, FL "

...more client comments to upload!

Pomeranian - Lilo!

Updated Picture of Lilo!

"Our Pomeranian, Lilo, has been a wonderful addition to our home. She is full of energy and bounce! Our arrangements made with Karen could not have gone any smoother and she has been a great help to me with advice.

Dry Family

Mary Esther, FL.

Westie females

"Hi Karen,

Thank you so much for contacting us back so quickly. Please let us start out by saying that all of your babies are extremely precious! ...We looked at your website and you really do have a true gift. We are so impressed with your site and the love that you have for all of your babies shines through in each and every picture. We look forward to hearing from you and hopefully seeing you and the puppies tomorrow.

Thanks again! :)

Connie and Mike C.

Callaway, FL"

Westie - Emma!

"Hi Karen,

Emma is doing well! My little girl was so surprised when she opened a box on her birthday and saw little Emma staring up at her! As you can see, she loves to dress her up. She is a joy to our family and we have so much fun with her. She is getting close to being potty trained but still has accidents if we don't take her out every hour or so. She sleeps through the night now in her crate with no accidents or whining. She is almost trained not to nip at our ankles or chase our two cats! She goes to the vet tomorrow for her second shots. 

Thank you for helping me make my daughter's ninth birthday something she will never forget!

Carol P.

Pensacola, FL"

Pomeranian - Lilly!


"Hi Karen


I wanted to write you and tell you how much we love Lilly. She has stolen everyone's hearts in our home including our other dogs and cat. She is absolutely amazing with my Grandsons. My youngest grandson lives with me and Lilly has claimed him as her human. I took her to my vet today and he fell in love with her too. We spend quite a bit of time outside and she stays right with us and loves being out. Lilly is a smart little dog too. I will send you a picture later if you would like.



Thanks again
Bridget H.

Baker, FL"


"I have been looking for a puppy for 3 months and luckily I came across Karen's website and I am so grateful that I got my puppy from her, and I will tell you why. I have searched everywhere and could not find the right one, I am skeptical about getting a puppy from pets stores as my vet has warned me not to purchase from them due to the trauma they experience. I found the one I like a female Shih-Tzu and emailed Karen, she replied promptly. I had so many questions and emailed Karen constantly and she was nice enough to answer all of my inquiries and even satisfied my doubts. A week before I was ready to pick up my new baby then Karen sent me an email and told me that the pup is not eating and was feeling sick, she was honest about the situation and has told me that she can't release her, knowing I would be heartbroken she told me it would be best for the two of us. And I really appreciate her honesty, my husband's work mate told him we are lucky that the breeder was honest, apparently they got a new puppy and it died a few days later, and the breeder won't hear them out. So my husband said it's a good thing she told us and my husband was trying to comfort me by telling me to look elsewhere, but I've had a nice experience communicating with Karen that Id still want to get a puppy from her and so I did got the one that my husband likes the most, she is a black and tan female Shih-Tzu and she is so precious, she is so pretty when Karen handed her to me, she had a little ribbon tied on her forehead, she is clean and healthy. I will definetely recommend her to my friends I'm sure when they see how cute my puppy is and when they ask where I got it...well you know what I would tell them :)



Enterprise, AL"

West Highland White Terrier - Baxter!





Hope all is going well for you and all your furry friends. Baxter had his first visit to the vet yesterday and he did great! The vet said he looked very good and very healthy. He weighs 8 pounds and is full of energy. We are really happy with him. Thank you again for all your patience and kindness when we were trying to decide. I would highly recommend you to anyone that wanted a wonderful pet to add to their family. Thanks again.


Jackie & Guy

Panama City Beach, FL"


Updated picture of Daisy in her new home!



I just wanted to thank you for our puppy (Daisy). She is almost 5 months now and has been a joy to our family. We have learned a lot and thank you for all your help and assisting us make the right choice. She is a well mannered puppy and keeps up with my boys.


Thank you and I will definitely pass recommendations on.



Enterprise AL."

Yorkie-Poo - Kori Alexander!

Updated picture of Kori in his new home!

"I am extremely grateful for Ms. Karen. My dog, Alfie, recently died of a heart attack about a month ago. I was in complete disarray. I had been searching for a dog because I was still waking up in the morning to take him out and realizing that he was gone. I needed a friend in a hurry. I purchased an American Classified paper and found the website I was so happy when I searched the website and found the dog of my dreams. The price was unbelievable! Her dogs are the most reasonable ever! I have my dog now and his name is Kori Alexander. He is a beautiful dog and I love him as if I've had him forever. He is a sweet dog and very friendly. He loves my husband and we treat him as another member of the family. I want to thank Ms. Karen for allowing me and trusting me to take on this responsibility. I love Kori!

Chandrea P.

Tallahassee, FL."

Poodle - Bisket!

Updated picture of Bisket!

"Hi this is bisket the dog my husband bought from you, he was the truck driver that met you at walmart, he's doing good and very much spoiled we love him thanks :)

Gina L.

Sacramento, CA"

Pomeranian - Cody!

Updated picture of Cody!


"I just want to thank you soo much for giving me the opportunity to have such a cute, entertaing little thing. Not only has he made me happy but now my dad has someone to be with all day, and let me tell you he loves the heck out of Cody! They are best friends! Cody is such an extremly smart dog and learns so fast! I just couldn't believe how fast he picked up on things. I love him soo much and I could just hug you for an hour straight for everything you did in order to get him to me. I never had an e-mail go unread and all of my ridiculous questions were easily answered. Thank you soo much for giving my dad and me cody. He's our little angel....most of the time!! ;) hehe

LOVE, Christy F.!!"

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