UPDATED 12/30/19  


Breeds and current starting prices are listed on Main page.


Please contact me by email so I have a record of our conversation:

I have a waiting list for certain breeds (sex and color specific). If you would like to be added, please email me with the breed and preferred sex you request in the subject line. I will contact you when I have a pup available for you. Please be considerate and let me know if you've found a pup elsewhere so I can have an accurate count for my clients. Thank you.

**At this time, I am no longer accepting clients for my Maltese. I have an extensive waiting list for this breed.**

Thank you,

Karen Thomas

How do we survive discouragement?

By keeping our eyes on the sky, 

our knees on the ground,

and our nose in the Book.

Pastor Craig Connor

First Baptist Church

Panama City, FL

Toy-TinyToy pomeranian pups arrived 10/27/19. Ready 12/20/19. Three females and one very tiny male.








The Truth is incontrovertable.

Panic may resent it,

Ignorance may deride it,

malice may distort it,

but there it is.

~Winston Churchill

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